About Me

I study philosophy at Purdue University and do scholarly and popular-level work in philosophy. On the scholarly level, I’ve published numerous articles in international philosophy journals. I’ve also authored The Majesty of Reason: A Short Guide to Critical Thinking in Philosophy (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2020, 222 pages) and a research monograph on persistence and classical theism. On the popular level, I create lecture videos and host discussions on my YouTube channel, Majesty of Reason. I also run a blog, Majesty of Reason, dedicated to the exposition and analysis of a variety of philosophical topics.

My primary research lies in philosophy of religion, metaphysics, and philosophy of time. In particular, I research explanations of persistence, infinity, models of God, and God’s existence.

When I’m not doing philosophy, I’m probably either biking, running, playing soccer, or cuddling with my dog.