Welcome to Majesty of Reason!


Welcome to Majesty of Reason, a philosophy blog dedicated to the explication, analysis, and evaluation of arguments pertaining to the fundamental nature of reality.

Join me on a journey — a journey to cultivate intellectual virtues, a love for the truth, a passionate and flaming curiosity, and a value for rigorous philosophical reasoning and evidence. Join me in discovering treasures.

Among the topics that will be explored here include:

Philosophy of Religion

  • Cosmological Arguments
    • Thomistic, Aristotelian, Kalam, Leibnizian, Modal, Epistemic, Contingency
  • Ontological Arguments
    • Anselmian, Maydolian, Plantingian, Gödelian
  • Teleological Arguments
    • Paley, Fine-tuning
  • The Problem of Evil
    • Logical, evidential, Bayesian, Divine Hiddenness
  • The Problem of Animal Suffering
  • Evolutionary Arguments from Evil
  • Skeptical Theism
  • Theodicies
  • Naturalism
  • Aristotelian-Thomism

Philosophy of Mind

  • The Nature of the Mind
  • The Interaction Problem
  • Mental Causation
  • Intentionality
  • Qualia and Conscious Experience
  • Perception and Direct/Indirect Realism
  • Determinism, Compatibilism, and Free Will
  • Substance Dualism
  • Property Dualism
  • Materialism (Reductive and Non-Reductive)
  • Emergentism
  • Neutral Monism
  • Panpsychism
  • Thomistic Hylormorphism


  • Causation
  • Infinity
  • Essence
  • Existence
  • Time
  • Laws of Nature
  • Humeanism and Aristotelianism
  • Causal Powers and Dispositions
  • Properties, Universals, Realism, Nominalism, and Conceptualism
  • Modality
  • Scientific Realism

Philosophical Methodology

  • What Philosophy Is
  • Critical Thinking
  • Argumentation
  • Logic

This is just a short glimpse into the wide variety of topics that will be explored in depth on this blog. Some posts will be rather short and will present a few key ideas; others will be longer and will resemble philosophical essays.

This blog recognizes that there are people who are rational, intelligent, and informed that arrive at different conclusions. We can only arrive at truth once we recognize our disagreements, recognize each other’s rationality, and work together to arrive at beautiful — majestic — treasures.

You are valued. Your insights are valued. It takes courage to seek the truth. It takes fortitude, temperance, perseverance, and grit. It takes confidence. It takes hope. Most importantly, it takes love — a love for truth, beauty, and goodness. Join me on this intellectual journey. Let’s pursue treasures together.

Author: Joe

Email: NaturalisticallyInclined@gmail.com