Article on the Neo-Platonic proof accepted at EJPR

Hey y’all!

I’m ecstatic to announce that my article, “Simply Unsuccessful: The Neo-Platonic Proof of God’s Existence”, has been accepted for publication at the European Journal for Philosophy of Religion.

Now all I need to do is is create 13 sock accounts and start spamming Feser’s inbox. This will be in addition to the 37 sock accounts I already use to spam Feser.

(I kid! I’m just poking fun at people who take this conspiracy seriously.)

In any case, here’s my video on the Neo-Platonic proof:

The EJPR article is a proper part of Chapter 9 of my book. Here’s that chapter! [I’m currently speaking with various editors at different presses regarding this book, so I can’t share the whole book. 🙂 ]

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